Integrating a Business Directory package with Discourse?


Has anyone integrated a Directory package (ie a Business Directory or other categorized directory software) with Discourse yet? Thanks!

(Michael Downey) #2

Can you give an example of what you’re describing as a “directory”? It seems a bit unclear. Thanks!


I currently have a vBulletin site and I’ve integrated PhpMyDirectory to use as a Business Directory of our members businesses. It allows listings to be in multiple categories, processes reviews, provides statistics on searches and views, integrates mapping, etc.

My integration includes automatic user registration from vb into vb, automatic signatures link of a vb poster’s listings in the directory, etc.

I’m interested in migrating to Discourse and I still want to have an integrated directory. I’m looking for another directory package that is built on more modern technology (mobile first, rails/javascript, etc.) Thanks!