Integrating aweber newsletter signup with forum registration

(John Wright) #1

Is there a way to connect aweber or another emailing service with the forum registration or would I need to develop this myself? Are there any similar plugins or features made for other email services?

(Matt Palmer) #2

Are you referring to sending e-mails from your Discourse instance, receiving e-mails to your Discourse instance, or some sort of SSO integration with the user database maintained by your e-mail service?

(John Wright) #3

not from discourse but rather collecting users to email them with aweber which is what I use currently for collecting subscribers and sending out newsletters. I’d like to have a checkbox where users are auto subscribed to the newsletter and for them to uncheck it if they just want to join the forum but not receive newsletters.

(Matt Palmer) #4

There’s nothing like that specifically built into Discourse, however people have mentioned it before. It’s straightforward to add a custom checkbox (admin, customize, user fields) inviting someone to sign up to your spa^Wnewsletter, and then query that field on export for import into another system, so that’s probably why nobody’s actually sat down and wrote it – that, and the fact that the hard part is the import into the spamcann^Wtotally legitimate e-mail deliverability service, not the getting the data out of Discourse.

(John Wright) #5

Thanks, sounds like will need to get some custom programming to make it work for me.