Integrating Discourse and SmartJob Board

(ArtTechSpace) #1


I’m looking at using SmartJobBoard ( as the main function of my site and they say that forum software can be integrated. Can Discourse be integrated? I like using Discourse and I have established users so I want to keep using it.


(Kane York) #2

You’ll want to use this to set up your SSO:

Based on the instructions in Wiki, it seems like SSO is the only integration performed.

EDIT: Hmm, seems that, contrary to their claims on the home page, the software is “Source Available”, not “Open Source”. So I can’t look at that file they tell you to copy and figure out everything that’s supposed to happen.

(ArtTechSpace) #3

I have now purchased SmartJobBoard and although i integrated Phpbb as the forum provider I want to use Discourse as it is just so much better. I have the code for auth_sjb.php as suggested by SJB and have posted it here SJB-auth_sjb.php/SJB with Discourse at master · arttechspace/SJB-auth_sjb.php · GitHub. Would anyone be able to tell me how i might integrate Discourse into SJB? My developers and SJB seem to be struggling so any help would be amazing!