Integrating Discourse With Patreon

There is another old thread with a similar title but no one seems to be able to help me there and I’m getting desperate! I hope someone can help me.

(This is the thread I found that had several steps re how to integrate the two but I have had questions and no one seems able to help me. Configuring Patreon integration with Discourse)

I have created my Discourse forum. I have created the Client and gotten my API Keys from Patreon, and I get to the “Configuring Discourse” step and put all the api keys into the form but they do NOT provide a “Patreon Webhook Secret,” it’s not listed with the API keys that are provided? Where do you get that? And I’m not sure what to put for the “Patreon Creator Discourse Username” because in my discourse forum settings I am simply listed as “Admin.” Please help me, I’m about to lose my mind here and I have to get this up.

Thank you.

“Patreon Webhook Secret” is optional settings. It won’t be available along side with API keys. You have to generate it separately here. For more details you can check the same tutorial Configuring Patreon integration with Discourse.

“Patreon Creator Discourse Username” is your own username in the Discourse forum you installed. It is not required if you didn’t used Patreon login method in Discourse forum. Feel free to ask if you have more confusions.


Thank you so much Vinoth, I had to be out all day and just got in and got your message. I appreciate it so much. I will work on what you said re the webhook in the morning and will probably have to get back to you with other questions if that’s okay.

I do have a question though. I DO need to use the Patreon login method for Discourse as Discourse will be the centerpiece for a community I am building on Patreon and is the basic reward that everyone gets from the ground up on my Patreon page so they will be going from Patreon to Discourse. And on my Discourse page I am listed only as Admin so I don’t have another user name. What do I do about that?

Thanks so much. I need help so badly and I really appreciate you taking the time,

In Discourse everyone will have an username. For example here in meta your username is Maitri_Libellule. In your forum if you click your profile picture which is in top right corner then you can find your username below in user menu.


Okay, when I click on my picture on my Discourse page it says “Admin” and under that it says my name, Maitri Libellule. So when I’m syncing with Patreon and it asks for “Patreon Creator Discourse Username” it’s okay if I just put my name, Maitri Libellule?

Thanks so much Vinoth, I appreciate your help so much.


Try using your name first like Maitri_Libellule with underscore. If it doesn’t accepted then use Admin.