Integrating Discourse


Hi All,

I love Discourse!!

I have a question about the feasibility of standing up discourse on my server and modifying it to work with our existing DNN sql-server based authentication/membership software. Specifically we would need to have discourse:

  1. Authenticate against our database
  2. Use our membership database for user names/avatars.

Has this been done? If not, does it seem feasible?

(cpradio) #2

You can implement yourself as an SSO provider (which Discourse supports) and that handles item #1 and part of item #2. The only thing I’m uncertain about is avatars. I’m not sure if you can send that information in the payload you send to Discourse via SSO.

For info on SSO, start here: Discourse Meta


That’s great!

It looks like SSO solves the problem of a user logging into the discourse app with Creds from our main app, but is possible to share the auth tickets so a user can move seamlessly between our main app hosted on windows and discourse hosted on Umbutu?

Thanks for your help!


I think I found the answer to my question and it’s yes. Sorry discourse won’t let me post the link the post that says it’s possible.