Integration with eCommerce / Magento

(Gareth Williams) #1

Hey Guys,

And thanks for all the help so far!

I wanted to know if anyone has any experience of doing something like this before, essentially we have our discourse setup here:

to be migrated to live next week or so.

We have a Magento site here:

My question is, I would like to give customers the ability when creating posts to “tag” products in their posts. Once tagged, im thinking we could pull through product image, link, price etc to the post. Once I have this 2 way link, I could always show the posts referencing the product on the product page (for a later date)

Anyway, has anyone done anything similar to:

  • Feed products into Discourse or make available via a feed (google merchant feed maybe)
  • Allow customers to say type a # then type the name of the product with a lookahead
  • That product ID being linked to the post

Does this make any sense at all? Has it been done or will I need to make a big investment here.