Interesting how quickly non-categorised posts vanish into the abyss

(gingerling) #1

I just figured out how to force category selection cause we were having uncategorised posts (posts with no category) and I kept finding them buried under others a long way down the list.

Now I fixed my problem, I have to say it’s interesting how bad the problem was - I admin the forums daily or more, and in that brief time a post made only hours ago would fall off the end of the first chunk of posts and into the scroll down area. I guess this is because people are looking at the support category all the time, and so all those posts get refreshed?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

It really depends how many topics you get per hour.

  • If it is one (or less) per hour then category does not matter too much. The stream is just a trickle, and you can easily view it all.

  • If it is twenty per hour, then people need to look at categories to see the subset of the roaring river they are interested in. Because volume is too high to see “everything” and stay sane.