Interesting <sub> bug

(Andrew) #1

Probably not a priority but should be looked into.
This has been mentioned by @william04gamera and @JonnyGamer.

When you have a newline after a <sub> tag, text overlaps, like this:

line one
line two

Quote this to see what I did…

In addition, if there is no newline at the end, </sub> does not register in the editor:


still small large

Quote this, once again.

Sorry, I’m bad at explaining this.

(Jonathan) #2

Link for the overlapping bug

I don’t think they should remove it, it is actually pretty fascinating
(or at least change how you are able to perform it)

(HopscotchRemixer) #3

Yes, however this bug is useful in some cases, because you can create cool symbols

(Vaping Community) #4

Highlight the “interesting symbol” with your cursor to read the text

(Andrew) #5

I feel like this needs its own topic

@Cool_Cool True but I feel like it should be a thing they know about

@Vaping_Community oh coool

(Jonathan) #6

I changed the link title to say, ‘The overlapping bug’