Intermittent New Topic/ Reply button problem? Clues on what's happening?


I got this weird problem with my discourse instance. The new topic button and the reply button is intermittently non-responsive, i.e. clicking them doesn’t do anything. Reloading the browser can get them to work. Reloading it again may break the buttons again. I haven’t done anything to the site in the last day or so since it started happening. Most of my users seem to be still doing ok, but a couple reported issues.

Tried rebuilding, disabling all CSS, change browsers.

Where would you look to diagnose this somewhat random issue? (access via mobile seems fine, however)

Thanks for any tips!

Upgraded to the latest version a few days ago.

Think it has to do with server space? @ 88% of 39gb now.

(mountain) #2

Hey there; which browser are you using/referring to in this report? When you mean change browsers, do you mean windows of the same program? Or Chrome, Firefox, etc?

EDIT: Also, do you have any plugins on? I suggest disabling them just in case too.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Make sure you’re on absolute latest as we have been making a lot of Ember related changes. Also try safe mode.

(Andrew Waugh) #4

We had that, it would hit various users, including mods/admins intermittently. We tried the usual empty your cookies, logout, restart your PC, but it kept happening (affecting something like 4 users/hour, with the problem persisting for those users between 30min and 3 hours). Then we went to 1.7.0.beta8 and it went away.


Thanks for the suggestions.

I am using Firefox 50.0.2 and Chrome 54.0.2840.99. Problem appears on both. and on different computers too.

I’d try disabling the plugins.

I am currently on v1.7.0.beta8 +104 . I don’t remember which beta 8 I was on when i started noticing this, but it was beta 8.


I downgraded from beta 8 10x/ 124 to beta 7. fixed the issue. while on beta 8 though, safe mode worked fine. so probably beta 8 broke some plugin. though i didn’t have the chance to isolate the problem.


because of the sparkpost email non-delivery bug, I upgraded from beta 7 to beta 9.

I haven’t isolated which plugin is the issue, but its one or more of these plugins. Note when I ran safemode disable 3rd party plugin, it seems to fix the issue.
Tgxworld’s translator
Discourse presence
Backup to Dropbox.