Internal 500 server error when closing a Poll

(Robin Newey) #1

Where to start…we use discourse as a host for a consumer-facing front end in our delivery app. Our solution is cloud-based & on that basis, we cancelled our support contract. I have today closed a poll which should have created a push notification to those who voted…it didn’t.

We are running on an ‘unknown’ version of Discourse and are advised that a critical update to 2.1.1 is required, my question is if our solution is on Google Cloud.

Does any know whata 500 Internal Server error is?

I am by no means a techy but any advice would be much appreciated.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

I’d first update to the latest version of Discourse and see if that helps.

(Régis Hanol) #3

Pretty sure that never was a feature of the poll plugin. Closing a poll never generated notifications.

Are you on a fork of Discourse?

You’re asking us if your Discourse is hosted on Google Cloud?

Yes, it means that there’s an error on the server.
Can’t tell more unless you provide us with more information (logs would be a good start).