Internal links to posts stopped working correctly

Since a few days it seems that I have an odd problem with direct links to posts in Discourse.
If I link one of my posts from within my Discourse, like this

[Direct link to post id 1000](

I’m sent to the error page “Something went wrong”.

If I click on the very same link, but keeping the CTRL key pressed (hence forcing opening the link in a new tab), it works! :thinking:

If I manually copy-paste the URL into a web browser window, again, it works OK.

What am I missing?

Does this work on this forum?
What a strange route (/p/) … Maybe I missed something. Hmm.

Test: Internal Link Shortcuts
link to post

[Internal Link Shortcuts](

Hi there,
yes, the /t/ endpoint works perfectly. That is actually my current workaround.

The point is, the /p/ endpoint used to works perfectly too (provided you know the post ID. I was getting this info using the API to create new posts, storing it and using it later with other script interacting with the post just created).

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This is not really a supported route. Use the correct route which looks like