Internal loading loop makes site unresponsive indefinitely on "load more"

(lid) #1

This was tested on chrome on a desktop with a “Mobie view” on

  1. switch to mobile view. update: I can replicate it on desktop view too"

  2. Go to this page
    Profile - Lid - Discourse Meta

  3. Get the window in a re-sizable mode (not maximized)

  4. Scroll down until there are no more items to load, keep the windows scroll all the way down.

  5. With the mouse drag the bottom of the window to reduce the window height by 100-200px

  6. keep scrolling down. Even when you see this message keep on scrolling down

in like 5 seconds the page will become unresponsive.

if you could not replicate that on this step, repeat step 5 - 6.

(Robin Ward) #2

Thanks for reporting it, I’ve just pushed a fix to master.

(Robin Ward) #3