Internal Server Error 500 Error


I’m getting a 500 internal error, after installation. I am able to get to the site, but when I try to do a registration through the browser I get this error. I used digital ocean as my hosting. 2 GB droplet.
Any idea what I can do to troubleshoot this error?


How was the instance installed?

Have you added any plugins?

I haven’t added any plugins.

I’m using the one click app in digital ocean. I tried bumping up the ram to 4gb and still no success.

I recommend that you follow discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub rather than one click.


cd /var/discourse 

On a one click usually works, though.


I followed the github resource and installed it according to the instructions. Now I’m not getting the 500 error, but I don’t receive any email when I try to create the first user.

I did get this output:

Any idea what I can troubleshoot now?

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