Internal Server Error on posting many images

Im a user in a discourse forum. In trying to make a weirdass post with two polls containing multiple images, “Internal Server Error” stops me, whereas normal text messages still work. Im wondering, is this because of an image upload cap? What is the limit of images or total filesize per post?

More on this. It was not the upload cap.
I had multiple polls set up, purposefully breaking them to expose the code. as in, i would put a poll option that looks like the commands that start a poll, but more than once, and also the closing bracket slash poll.
I removed all initial brackets ([) that start these structures from my post, and that allowed me to send the message, albeit obviously without the functionality.
Upon attempting again to reconstruct it in that format, taking out only the initial brackets of within the functional poll, it would still not work. Then I removed all of those, and also all of the closing poll command brackets, and that turned the whole post into one bigass poll and it worked.
So it was a problem solvable on my side, with the structuring, not upload.

If you have a small concise repro of poll markup that produces a consistent 500 error, definitely share it here and we will fix it.


I was hesitant to post it because it is not small and concise, but I guess there’s no harm in doing it. If anything, you can just not read it :lizard:

Add the starting bracket in the first line below to reproduce the error.
There are white spaces in the preview and post, but they should be images.

  poll name="pathologic" type=regular results=always public=true]
* [poll type=regular results=always public=true]
   sas ffs
* ![asbesto%20revolver|500x500](upload://fECCo089qfEDo9G6hxDwrgBgsgt.jpeg) 
* ![furthervatar|477x477](upload://grlKZbY047wNBAcTfqn5XkAKSi5.png) 
* not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my thin hearts. gold. cups. wands. air. swords. **cards.** g not quite my thing not quite my thing not quite my t do i want coffee? i guess. i need to be awake. you know, decks are a window to the soul. i believe in somethinghing not quite my thing not quite my thing 
* ![trisnake-animation|499x499](upload://rsPqUTJzXQlTCLJ8zA8VQ3zJhZD.gif) 
* _the rift needs a cleansing, but it cannot cleanse itself by its own will alone_ - Talkative Revolver![59Ixn58|690x394](upload://dD1z9V9chwCb9MvxZ9l7cAWkSHF.png)  

* stabbing in the dark, thats what they call it. i dont feel like its a pragmatically accurate name; epistemologically, sure, but senseless otherwise, or without a sophisticated overconstruction, extrapolation, of the given information based on correct, as far as the concept's limit extends, axioms; from that and only that can we reach the conclusion that it is correct... yet pragmatically something else entirely
* my hear _tt_ is not quite into that-in-itself... 3x venom toth 1 damage... is my cups
* 1 
* ![lobotomiado|690x303](upload://zXl2kMHyvd7Q9FhQbm0JDIKBRgp.png) 
* [poll type=regular results=always public=true]
* x
* 1 damage
* [/poll]
[poll name="somatopsychic" type=regular results=always public=true]
* a we did not play this. its just the a shell i like with a an intruder. a our green list won a that.
* [poll type=regular results=always . public=  public= public=. ]
* a 
* * ![duelyst|690x488](upload://ngi3F6DnRnM5xpPupWUOHlf0a2R.png) 
* like, there are certain so to speak spirits to the people and the cards and their combinations both in the sense of cards and cards and people and cards.
* i believe in the spirit of the aggro; i will play better with an aggro list better than friends who theoretically know how to play better than me, because there is a kind of fire i am familiar with;
* ![o|493x499](upload://SfOHebipoBqCQeYnTpDMJfzoBd.png) 
* you cannot prove this fire to be of esoteric nature at all, 
[/poll] 1 damage

Up to you if anything is considered actionable here @zogstrip

I’m not a bit surprised that would break. I don’t think multiple images is the root problem, but that it’s more the nested polls. TBH, I don’t understand why anyone would think that shouldn’t cause trouble. In any case, I can agree that a fail more graceful than an internal server error would be preferable.


If you are trying to nest polls, that’s simply not supported @Ryousen


I wasnt trying to actually nest polls, but to make it seem like I was trying to do that, like it was a broken post
But, anyway, thats it for now I guess
Happy new years for you all!