Invalid flags displayed on topic

(Biscuit) #1

When someone flags a forum post and the staff choose IGNORE or DISAGREE to the flag, shouldn’t it stop showing staff that it’s a flagged post within the topic?

We have official forum posts that have been flagged and now they have a permanent note on the actual post saying it’s been flagged. How do we remove it?

(Mittineague) #2

I would say No.

The Flag report becomes inactive (closed as it were) and the active Flag indicator will not display over the hamburger menu. Nor will the Flag count against the member that made the post. The “has been flagged” message will be seen only by Moderators so there is no harm done by leaving it there.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Maybe. I can see this, especially if staff have disagreed with the flag.

Might be better still if the flag count was next to the flag icon as we do with likes…

(Biscuit) #4

I’m the type of guy that reads all emails immediately, to clear the unread counter. So, seeing the “flagged” message on a post that I open throughout the year makes me wince in agony.

Yeah. If the staff have decided to ignore a flag, it probably doesn’t need to be marked forever, coz that’s not really ignoring it.