Invitation for new participants?

(Jeffrey Keefer) #1

We have our new site up and ready for our discussion series that begins in October, and as a result are giving the Category page as the landing page in the interim

This system is new for our diverse community, and we are wondering if anybody uses an initial sign-up or similar topic to invite people to create a basic account so they will then receive notifications when the actual discussion begins? Any suggestions?

While I would love for our community to continue its discussions, we are maintaining our previous traditions of intense weeks of discussion (something we can reconsider once we get through our first chat). Thank you!

(Kane York) #2

I think you should reconsider those category choices. You should make each date/session/‘hot topic’ a tag, and have categories for broad areas like:

  • Topical Discussion: Discussion about one of the Hot Seat topics
  • Ad-Hoc Discussion: Maybe people want to talk about timely issues when they happen!
  • Hot Seat Feedback: How is the format working out? How can you improve the next one?
  • Announcements: Official announcements (post creation restricted)

You may also consider customizations such as giving people with facilitator as their primary group (set at , gives css class group-facilitator to their posts) special styling.

The forum will actually do that for you if someone browses around reading stuff: Signup call-to-action when you read for a while

And you can create an “Announcements” category and include it in “default categories watching” ( ), which will make everyone get emailed what you post there. (Make sure to change the security!)

Keep in mind that nothing I’m suggesting is the absolute best way to do it, and you are ultimately the person most likely to have all the information needed to make your decision.

(Simon Cossar) #3

My sense is that what is going on is a series of discussions. I wonder if it could work to change the word ‘categories’ to the word ‘discussions’ in the menu.

(Jeffrey Keefer) #4

@Simon_Cossar You are spot on; the categories are really related to targeted Discussions, each one with 3-5 individual topic threads the facilitator will begin, with whatever other topics participants bring up on their own. Can Categories be renamed as Discussions?

@riking Wow, you said a lot there I am still trying to process. Can you help me understand what you are thinking with the tags? I am not sure if our users will use tags for the week-long discussions; would they need to do so (I don’t even use Discourse tags, or tags anywhere, to be honest). Also, the way we have the Hot Seats, each will only run for a week with them probably turned off shortly thereafter as the facilitators rotate on a one-time only manner. Do you have an example of a set-up that would use the features you are describing? I like the notion of an Announcements category; can you also mention how that would work? I see in your link where to add it, but not what it should look like there. Thanks!!

(Simon Cossar) #5

Yes, the user interface elements in Discourse are named through localization files. That makes it possible to translate the application. To change what ‘Categories’ are called in English just requires supplying different values for the translation keys.

If you copy this file into admin>customize>CSS/HTML> editor and add it to the head section it will change most of the instances of ‘category’ and ‘categories’ into ‘discussion’ and ‘discussions’

    var translations = I18n.translations.en.js;
    translations.category_title = "Discussion";
    translations.categories.all = "all discussions";
    translations.categories.category = "Discussion";
    translations.category.create = "New Discussion";
    translations.filters.categories.title = "Discussions";
    translations.filters.categories.title_in = "Discussion - {{categoryName}}";

It’s easy to add more if you see others that need to be changed.

In case it’s not clear, this is where they get added:

You might also want to try setting the ‘categories’ page - now the ‘discussions’ page as your forum’s home page. You can do that by reordering of the top-menu items in admin>settings>Basic Setup so that ‘categories’ comes first:

(Krischan) #6

Noob question: If you add a lot (>100) of these custom terms, does it somehow slow down performance? Thanks!

(Mittineague) #7

You are not adding them, they already exist. You are changing their values.

*note, in at least one case, I found that script in an Admin page used a locale value (sorry, I don’t recall what it was ATM) and my changing it broke things.
So test thoroughly

(Krischan) #8

Sorry, another question: If I would like to use this for another language - German in my case -, would I need to change

to or keep it as it is?


(Simon Cossar) #9

Yes, change it to You can see all the translation files here:
discourse/config/locales at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub the values you would change for German are in

You can also make the changes in a plugin: Efficient way to change from 'categories & topics' to 'forums & threads' in app?

There is an easy way to find the translation keys you are looking for: Enjoy matching translated strings and their translation keys right in the GUI

(Jeffrey Keefer) #10

Thank you, @Simon_Cossar, I just returned from some travel and made the change from categories to discussions as you suggested. This is very helpful, thanks!!

I spoke with some of my colleagues about the suggestions that @riking made, and while we think this may be a good idea for a future state, we think we need to actually go through a first cycle of this and then make any adaptations. It is still hard to determine this without real users!

Thanks all again!