Invitation issue? (DNS maybe?)

Some of my invited user are having trouble signing up via the emails they receive.

Most work perfectly, but 3 out of 40 so far have seen this…


Which is obviously not ideal…

Any ideas what might be happening here?


Looks like an expired domain to me.

Yeah i know what you mean, except it’s very much active. And being used right now… :confused:

For me it’s resolving just fine so that may be a potential DNS cache issue at your end.

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We see this sometimes if you have erroneously entered multiple DNS entries for the same IP address, the request will round-robin between the multiple entries. It’s generally a DNS configuration problem of some kind.


Thanks @codinghorror interesting to know it’s not just me.

I followed the setup instructions directly but Is there anything i should specifically look out for in the DNS settings?

I have two A records set… at the same IP.

One for the “forum” subdomain
And one at “”

That could be it, but which one should I remove/disable?

Looks like a caching issue.

There is nothing wrong with that. But there seem to be some other issues with your configuration (check them out at Domain Health):

I would start with the https certificate mismatch.

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i don’t actually have a certificate associated with the domain. is that necessary?

Could disabling the second option solve this issue?

Which domain did yoy use when you first set up thr forum? That would be the one you have a certificate for (assuming that you followed the 30 minute setup guide) and that would be the domain which should work to access your forum.

No, those are email settings. They have nothing to do with this.

BTW: I can also access your forum now, so maybe it was a caching problem after all?

However, it only works with http, not https. So yoy still have that problem witg your certificate.

1 Like (I’ve never has an SSL certificate associated with it, during setup it did seem to cause a problem… I have one i could assign however…

The https seems to be the issue so looks like i’ll need to work on getting that associated and then integrated in to discourse. :confused:

That’s because the setup script automagically did that for you. But that explains why the certificate doesn’t match So if you want to use a different domain you should change that. I believe that you can simply run the setup script again (is that correct @pfaffman?) and enter the correct domain.

Something is strange, though, because the other domain also complains about the wrong certificate:

And now I can’t any longer. Or rather, it works on my mobile but not on desktop. Browsers seem to handle the errors differently.

I also don’t understand why it doesn’t issue an error message but rather gives you some advertising page. Is that your provider that has replaced error messages with advertising? In any case, it means that you probably have a reverse proxy in front of your discourse container and that explains why neither of the domains work. Search this forum for how to setup discourse behind a reverse proxy.

But I’d recommend you do a new install on a separate VPS, following the 30-minute install instructions. Once you’re done, you can backup whatever you have on the current instance and import it to the new one.