Invitation link

(paul) #1

We building up network of volunteers. The way people joining is through q sign up sheet.

This contant is then posted in the forum.

What I’m looking for is how the people then also get an custom invite link to be registerd.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

/admin/users/send invites

You can either paste in addresses, or do it from a file, which also lets you add them to a group and redirect them to a page.

(paul) #3

…hmmm what I’m more looking for is following.

We have a sign up form: Contact & Imprint | yunity

Once someone enter this form it apears automatic in our forum. It works through the function of creating a topic via e-mail:

An user is then automatically created. The only issue is that discourse doesn’t send during this process an invitation mail to the person. So the person doesn’t know about having an acount on disourse.
We could do it manually with everyone registerd new. …but doesn’t work to well. Cause all the admins are as well nomads and sometimes a couple of days offline.

Is there somehow the possibility to send the invitation link automaticly?

(Steve Combs) #4

Could your form send an auto email response that states, “Thanks for signing up. Now please log in” with a link to /login for your site?

How does the form create the user with correct user’s email address? Is it a staged user? Via API?

(paul) #5

Yes it could send an auto respond. The problem would be then just that it would need a individual invitation that they can take over the staged user acount, which is already registerd with their e-mail.

It’s a staged user build out of the e-mail sended into a thread created by filling out the form.