Invitations to group-restricted topics

(Jason May) #1

There are several threads related to invitations. Currently, when a topic has restricted access (read_restricted is set, and the category is only readable by one or more groups) then only admins can send invitations from topic pages.

I would like to extend this permission to include group managers (note that group manager appointment doesn’t yet have a UI, but it’s in the database). Eventually it would be nice to have an option for group members to be able to invite others, but I’m not proposing that yet.

When an administrator sends an invitation, there is an extra group names field that is not visible for any other users. I suggest that this remain the case: when a group manager sends an invite, then group membership should be implicit, not an option that the group manager can pick.

If there is any ambiguity (e.g. there are two different groups enabled for the category, and the group manager is only associated with one of those groups) then this invitation option should not be available. Too complicated to figure out all the possible cases.

As far as I can tell, the only changes needed for this are to enhance the Guardian functionality related to invitation permission, and to implement the implicit group attachment in models/invite.rb.

Are there any other implications that I’m missing?

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