Invitations via facebook?

(Rsnie) #1

Hi all,

Is it possible to invite users via facebook if you don’t have their e-mail address?


(Jay Pfaffman) #2

No, invitations require an email address. If your forum allows people to request accounts, you could just send them a link to the forum to your Facebook contacts.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

I wonder if it’d be possible for us to send out invites the same way those games do:

Granted, I’m pretty sure these are universally hated, but if it came from someone you trust and the invitation is to “Civilized Discourse”, you might not look for that close button right away :wink:

(Christoph) #4

My guess would be that fb will only allow you to invite people to something on fb itself. So you’d have to create a page or so which then encourages people to join the forum…

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

Blerg, most likely. @pfaffman’s method is probably best.


@pfaffman, can you explain what you meant by “request accounts”?? Is there a way to “open” registration but not allow them to be active unless you approve them? Or would you need to set every category’s security to above P0?

I’m sure there’s a thread on this somewhere. Thanks!

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #7

I could be wrong but I’m assuming Jay was referring to the must approve users site setting. You can keep the site login required, but still allow people to register. However, before they can access the site they must be approved by site staff.


Thanks, you’re right, that makes sense.

I’m trying to figure out the best way of getting an initial roll-out going (strategy-wise).

I want the forum to be invite-only for a few weeks, but that’d stop Social Media Logins from working, which would be nice to have long-run too.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #9

@HAWK can likely speak about this far better than I can.

Invite only is independent of social-media logins. Discourse accounts are based on email addresses. Once someone is invited, if they have a social media account with the same email that they were invited on they can use that to log in.


I see. This could actually work.

  1. Leave social media logins on. If anyone finds our forum without an invite, they won’t be able to log in (I can leave a message telling them to request an invite).

  2. They get an invite via email (or I paste them a link manually)

  3. They create their account

  4. NEXT time, they can log in with a social media account that has the same email address. I’ve already tested this with FB.

I’m sure there will be hurdles but so it goes. Thank you!


Yup, always happy to offer strategy support. Sounds like you have it sorted for now but it you want help down the line @Berto, tag me in.


Thanks! Our site is pretty busy so I think this will get busy right out the gate. Especially since I’ll be awarding free products to good contributors :slight_smile:

The initial concern will be duplicate accounts once we open things up publicly (eg an email-invite user later on tries to log in with a social media account that has a different email address), so I’m watching the thread on merging accounts. But now I’m worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet. Back to development.

I’m quite happy with Discourse so far. Seems like my main concerns are already mostly known or already covered.


This is relatively easy to solve right now (if you catch it early) by transferring AccountA’s posts to AccountB and then deleting AccountA. Merging will be great for situations where AccountA makes a large number of posts, making the above solution a bit arduous and time consuming.

Be a bit careful here. You need members to be intrinsically motivated. Setting up extrinsic motivators early can often sabotage long term growth strategies. (This is a very broad warning given that I know nothing about the actual nature of your community or what your overarching goals are.)