Invite group to private discussion - no email invite?

(Nordize) #1

I turned a post into a private discussion. Then I invited a group of users. I was expecting an email to be sent to each of the users of that group, but that didn’t happen.

I can confirm that if I invite a single user, then an email notification is sent to that user.

Are there settings that I need to change for this to work? Or perhaps someone should check if this isn’t a bug?

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Well, I did see this when testing on try:

I made a group @test with two users in it, @testguy1 and @testguy2 with two different email addresses.

That’s me inviting a group @test containing those two users. My mistake here was inviting them while these two users were still pinging the website with their web browser, so the notifications got skipped per Discourse default preferences.

I just invited them to a new PM, an hour later with both “users” browsers definitely closed for a good long while, and check it out!

So whatever it is you’re doing, it isn’t right.

(Nordize) #17

You mean an email notification was sent on invite to PM without an additional reply to the PM?

(Tobias Eigen) #18

You see the “Skip reason” in @codinghorror’s first screenshot? That means it didn’t send because the user was logged in and has set their email prefs to not send email notifications when active on the site. This feature may be the reason your group members didn’t get notified when you invited them to your private message.

When I have doubts about what’s going on, I actually also always check in mandrill (my outbound SMTP service) to see what really got sent.

(Jeff Atwood) #21

Irrelevant conversation was removed, much of it from me.

Refer to my screenshots. That’s proof that this works. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself @nordize. Feel free to post screenshots if you prove otherwise. I’ll be waiting!

(Nordize) #23

I’ve already reported that I’ve tried it on my installation (v1.9.0.beta8 +15) and that it doesn’t work in my case, and never did, hence the reason for posting this topic (I also reported the relevant group settings and the context of a couple of scenarios), but you deleted all my messages, so I wonder if it’s worth posting again only to have them potentially deleted again because you thought them irrelevant - no offense, really.

(Jeff Atwood) #24

That is inaccurate. I first replied that it is normal not to get email notifications when a group is invited, and that is incorrect. Then there were 10+ replies about how group invites should not be excluded from invite notifications ALL OF WHICH WERE WRONG – my fault since I started us down that path. So I apologize if me removing irrelevant information that I myself triggered with incorrect information in the first place, is troubling to you.

In the meantime, as you can see in the screenshots, the feature works correctly and I verified it myself on No idea why it does not work for you, since you will not or cannot post screenshots of your relevant post invite email logs, as I have, above.

You have yet to post a single screenshot in this topic of any kind. Until you do that, we can’t help you. Sorry!