Invite more than one user at once

(Admir Hodzic) #1

First at all ,
Thank you on putting INVITES on Discourse instances with SSO enabled.
Invite works GREAT but only one thing is that users can send only one invite per send
When We click on invite type user name and pickup user text field freezes.
And you are unable to invite another user .
Is this BUG or it should be like that ?
I do not see reason for not inviting more than one user at once.
Also ti will be great if we could INVITE groups of users beside we almost every day have ugly posts whit tens of @users writen on post just to pay attention to them

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sure look up the how to on sending batch invites via CSV file. Feature already exists.

(Admir Hodzic) #3

I was thinking abaut inviting useres to specifice topic.
Button invite that exists at topics accepts only one username per click invite.

Alsto there will be great feature to we visuali can see who was invited.

Maybe something like visuali showing links to other topics to also show invited users or groups.
If we clod show wich users or groups is invited that will clean our topics.