Invite only - trust level?

(Martin Dörsch) #1

I want to run my discourse in invite only mode.
For me as admin it works just fine. But standard users don’t see the invite friends button.
Is invitation connected to a trust level?

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

Yes, it is.

(Christopher McEwan) #3

You can specify what level invited users are assigned

(Killian Hermann) #4

How can I disassociate trust levels from users? I only want specific users to have this capability, not automate based on the slide-rule of trust levels.

Also I’m looking for a way to identify who invited a given user to the forum - is there a view that shows that? I would think this is reasonably important information.

EDIT: I’m sorry if this isn’t an appropriate thread to hijack for this, I’m still looking around for answers. I think I have figured out a way to restrict new invitations from ‘rogue’ trust levelers by enforcing staff reviews and disallowing new registrations - a pain, but workable. I still can’t figure out who is inviting whom, however…still looking for that answer. I can see WHEN they get invited in the email log, but not by whom…

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Set the number of invites per day to zero in site settings.

(Killian Hermann) #6

Thanks for the reply! That may work for me, but this also means that the people i would entrust to send invites would also need administrative access, correct? It would be a great user/group preference for me.

Thanks again

(Jeff Atwood) #7

I don’t understand what you are asking? Staff members can always send invites. This would only affect TL2 and above users.

(Killian Hermann) #8

It is desirable to me to be able to grant a user or group who is neither an admin or moderator the ability to invite regardless of their trust level. There are users who don’t wish the responsibilities incumbent with either role that are we would allow such ability as a function of, among other things, recruitment - but the point is this activity has little to do with with the day to day aspects of site administration or moderation and is very specific to invitations.

Does that make more sense?

thanks again


I think what @Killian_Hermann is trying to say is that for each user, or even for each trust level he wants the ability to toggle yes/no can this user or trust level invite other users. This would be highly desirable for a small, private, board.

(Kane York) #10

I definitely see where you’re coming from on this - sometimes you want to include individuals who, while their viewpoint is valuable, will wreak havoc if allowed to bring new members in.

Although, I don’t think that allowing these people to edit titles is a good idea either - what about trust-locking them at TL1?