Invite users not working due to SSO

For some reason I do not have the invite users link even though I am admin. Is this because I have SSO enabled?

In Admin -> Settings -> Login is enable local logins checked?

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SSO and invites are partially incompatible. I believe @techapj changed it so you can invite existing users to topics via the invite button at the bottom of a topic.

But with SSO, a user page invite implies you are inviting the user to have a Discourse account while bypassing the parent site login, which is not possible.

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Ok, thanks Jeff. Thought it might be something like that. Is there a way I
can automatically pull my wordpress members into discourse or is the only
way to create an ‘invitation’ topic and invite them.

You would need to:

  • Use the API to “copy” your users over,
  • Also use the API to create new users in Discourse when they are created in your primary site,
  • Also use the API to synchronize changes when they happen in your primary user directory.

With SSO, you can only invite users that already have a Discourse account.

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How do I use the API, I have an account hosted with you guys.

Search for API topics within there are a few walkthroughs.

Hi Jeff

From what I can see I need server access, which I don’t have because I am on a discourse hosted plan, or am I missing the something?

No, you just need to generate an API key via Admin, API.

You can also generate an API key per-user on the individual user admin page.

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