Invited user getting login error

Discourse tries to accept the invite (email is not previously in system) and system is redirecting the newly invited user to the login page. Error says something like ‘Your account email address is [missing %{email} value]’.

When he tries to log in, the same issue. It says it can’t even find his email address.

I have tried removing the initial invite from the pending list using the remove button, I have sent the invitation link directly from my personal email, including trying multiple categories and with only one category, all with same result as above. Best I can tell the Email ID does not exist in the system ( How do we trouble shoot this?

Are you on the latest version of Discourse? Have you customized any of the settings or copy related to email?

Not to my knowledge. The invites were successfully accepted by over 1.1K users in the last month and this one is the only problem encountered.

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Is this the right place to get Discourse support? Is there Discourse support? If so, please direct me to the place to post support requests.

It is, but are you asking for paid support? If you are a customer on our hosting, it isn’t showing up for me. If you’d like to sign up for a supported hosting plan, you can do that at

As a workaround, the user can just register a new account normally for now.

Tim Corey is the owner, I work for him.

Will the user need to use a different email account?

Sorry, nevermind… It seems we are on some kind of hosted service.

I suggest contacting your hosting provider for detailed support.