Inviting new users to join a discussion

We’ve got a lot of new users who have recently joined our forum. I’d like to be able to message these users in bulk to invite them to a topic for discussion, and am struggling with a good way to message or invite just these new folks. Being able to message or invite trust levels would come very close to accomplishing these, but it looks like that’s not supported.

I’m open to workarounds, but ideally it would be something better than exporting the list of users and sorting by create date, copying their email addresses, and plugging them into the topic invite box (I’m not sure what the email address limit is on that anyway).

You might want to look at:


Thanks Arpit, from what I gather it looks like generating invite tokens is to invite people who are not current forum members, whereas my users are current members.

If you have the list of usernames (either from the User List export or from a Data Explorer query), what you could do is add these into a dedicated (and disposable) group.


  • Create a new group, and make it so that only admins can send messages (you can also hide it).

  • Once it is created, manage the group and you will see the bulk add to group option which allows you to paste the list in one go

  • Then you can contact the group with the invitation via a Personal Message

Would that be a reasonable solution?

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Invite tokens will work for current members too. If the topic is private (accessible for certain group members) then the existing user will be automatically added to that group.

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Not ideal, but it got me to use the data explorer for the first time.

select *
from users
where created_at >= CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL '7 days'
and admin = false
order by created_at desc

Seems like a cumbersome solution to the problem of “How do I invite a bunch of new members who are not part of a group, into a discussion?” problem.

The cumbersome aside, it’s not the most efficient. If all you need are the usernames you can get those without all of the “unused fields” i.e. instead of
SELECT users.username

To get a single comma separated result try
SELECT CONCAT_WS(',', users.username)