iOS app 1.5.0 regression - external links always open in Safari

This is actually a big change. :sob:

My preferred behaviour is to keep everything inside Discourse to prevent a buildup of tabs in Safari. The previous version of the app did that by default, and had an option to change this behaviour if you wanted to open externally.

Could we please get that back?

I’m remembering some drama around this change when it happened before? When the app became Discourse Hub, was changed a bunch and later reverted?

Unlikely as the structure of the app has changed.

This makes me… anxious.

I expect there will be more complaints as in the 1.4.0 thread I linked.

It’s surprising, given that it was the old default setting, that’s it’s been reversed?

I really dislike bouncing from app to app and having to constantly remove tabs in Safari.

Hi @gingerbeardman! Were you able to fix that problem after all? I’m having the same issue and it is annoying. I’m memember of a forum and that community has also some other external categories. Before I could navigate inside the discourse app and now it keeps sending me to safari when I click any link apart from the forum.

It’s not possible to be fixed by users. Discourse might be able to make it an option.

I tend to not use the new app these days, because of some user experience regressions like this.

Thanks a lot for your answer @gingerbeardman That’s a shame cause it used to be super handy having all in the same app. Hope the developers do something to go back to normal.

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@onixnoir I have added opening links in the app instead of Safari as an option in the latest beta. You would need to install TestFlight and join the beta via Join the Discourse Hub beta - TestFlight - Apple to try it out.

Once installed, go to the iOS settings, and turn on the new setting under DiscourseHub.


Thanks a lot @pmusaraj. It does work! Great to have again all the resources in the same app.

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Super! Thanks for adding this back in.

Opening links in-app used to be default, have you considered making it default again?

Opening external links in Safari has one big advantage: you don’t need to log in again to sites you are already logged in to. Safari View Controller (in-app) is an isolated environment, you would need to authenticate repeatedly, and that’s an inferior experience IMO.

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Ah that does make sense. Thanks!

I’m seeing the link open twice?


As for the logins, I really don’t mind logging into any sites I need to within the app. They’d only be few, YouTube, Wikipedia, and I’d only need to do it once per site.

When you said “repeatedly” I imagined I’d have to log into the same site over and over again, which is not the case.

The issue with the link opening twice should be fixed in the latest beta.

You are right, the SVC will keep the sessions it is logged in to. But it’s isolated, so if you go to the same website via SVC from another app, you’ll need to login there as well.


Thanks for fixing the double opening links.

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I’m still seeing the double opening links on 1.5.2 (167) which is the latest build in TestFlight for me?

Yes, I see it twice too, but only for links within posts (like the TestFlight link above). Other links, ads for example, are only triggered once. I will take a look soon.


The latest beta (170) should fix the double-links issue. This was a bit tricky to fix, due to a combination of our link-tracking actions and the link interceptor in the app’s webview.



@gingerbeardman is everything looking good on your end?


Yes, double-opening links fixed on TestFlight.

And I guess this OP can be marked as solved :slight_smile:

Thanks all!