IP lookup shows the wrong place

(Hakan) #1

The ip Lookup plugin incorrectly displays the ip of the user’s record, which is why many users are not banned correctly.

IP lookup does not match registered ip

(Geran Smith) #2

It looks like you have IP highlighted, and the geolocation highlighted. I don’t think the geolocation would impact banning.

(Hakan) #3

the strands do not match, its problem

(Luke S) #4

No, they are apples and oranges. The IP address is a computer code defining how the user’s device fits into the internet. The geographical location is (estimated) latitude and longitude of where the user’s computer exists on the surface of the earth. The two are only very, very loosely related.

Perhaps tells us the symptoms of a situation where you really are having issues banning a specific user?

(Hakan) #5

We were looking at this to block Multi memberships, but it does not show the correct position, we want 1 user to register with 1 ip

(Stephen) #6

That’s down to the network they originate from, how that network handles DHCP and whether the user can originate from multiple networks. It has zero to do with their latitude and longitude on the surface of the planet.

(Luke S) #7

To expand: everyone’s IP address can change, sometimes several times in a day, depending on which device they use, where they are picking up Wi-Fi, whether they are using a mobile (cell) data connection, etc. Even if they are using a computer directly wired to a high-speed internet modem, their ISP may change the IP address at any time.

(Hakan) #8

then it shows the users who logged in with the same rope correctly?

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

The user’s ip address is correct in that it’s the address from which the user connected. They could just a VPN, which could make the appear to be in a different location. They could be at a school or business which could make hundreds or thousands of unique users to have the same IP address.

Edit: Oh. It’s a cloudflare thing. I was wrong. The IP address that shows up is wrong unless you use the cloudflare template.

İm banned by mistake my admin ip
(Diego Barreiro) #10

Is your site traffic going through Cloudflare?
Because doing that makes Discourse to store Cloudflare IPs instead of users’ ones

To fix so, you should add the cloudflare.template.yml in your app.yml file

(Stephen) #11

That is a Cloudflare IP, yes

(Hakan) #12

how can I do that myfriend ?

(Diego Barreiro) #13

Add - "templates/cloudflare.template.yml" to your app.yml file to make it look like this: