Is DC a forum for exchange of information or chit chat?

(Sebastian) #1

Has the founders of DC software intended to for it be more of a quora/stackoverflow like forum where the main intention seems to be exchange of information/solve problems?

It feels like some groups like coders prefer that model, whereas a group of cat lovers might prefer the chit chat mode more. Not sure what a chit chat mode like forum looks like to be honest. But the view top answers and summarize thread definitely give a more pragmatic, male feeling of the forum.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

(Sebastian) #3

Both sounds good :sunny:

I guess there is a market for all types. You have quora/paleohacks at 1 to the far pragmatic left. Then stackoverflow at around 4, DC I would give a 7. Then facebook at 10 to the far social chit chat right.

The community im looking for new software for is dominated by older people going through a hard time with no possible solution to their problem. What they want is just to be heard and talk to others. So anything below 5 or 6 would just feel strange for them.

I just wanted check what your future vision were