Is Digital Ocean $10/month Package Good for Discourse?

(Siraj Mahmood) #1

@codinghorror Please tell that $10/month digital ocean package better for discourse. In this package, how many users can become member on discourse. Is there any limitation exist in discourse with this package. I want to start a forum like Please guide me about VPS hosting because we want more than thousands of users on our forum without any limitation. Thank You!

(Matt Palmer) #2

Discourse itself doesn’t apply any limitations on how many users, posts, or anything else you can have on your site. The software is 100% free and open source.

The limitations are entirely present in the resources you provide to run your Discourse server. The $10/month Digital Ocean server is able to handle a reasonable number of users and posts (there’s plenty of storage), but it’ll fare poorly if you have a large number of users on the site at once. There’s a limited amount of concurrency available, mostly due to memory limitations.

The best way to figure out how many users your Discourse server can handle is to try it. Fire up your forum, and start getting users onto it. In the event that it does start to slow down or otherwise misbehave due to the large amount of traffic to the site (a rather nice problem to have), you can easily upgrade your DigitalOcean droplet to a larger sized instance in a few minutes of downtime, and give yourself plenty of headroom for the future. The Power Of The Cloud at work!

(Siraj Mahmood) #3

@mpalmer Thank you for your quick response.
Can you please tell me in $10/month package, how many users can sign up on discourse. I’m not asking about exact amount of members just give us a estimation. I also know that initially forum have no huge amount of users but without any estimation how we can purchase any package. An other one thing, can we continue or run discourse and a small blog on WordPress both on $10/month DO package?

(Régis Hanol) #4

The nice thing about Digital Ocean is that you can resize your droplet (ie. server in DO parlance) fairly easily. It’s a painless process that only requires a reboot. That way, you can start with the $10/month droplet and scale up as you need to :wink:

(Steven Greco) #5

I run a small Discourse Forum and Wordpress site on a single DO instance. Started with the $10/month plan but had to bump it to the $20 plan as the low amount of RAM became an issue.

Just to give you an idea of our size we have ~2.5k posts per month and about 100 active members and just over 300 members registered. Or you can just check out our stats here. Grim Reaper Gamers Forums

FYI. i use Discourse for WP site comments.

(Siraj Mahmood) #6

Thank you @Grex315 for you quick response.
Actually I’m running a e-learning based educational website. Daily we received more than 1000+ visitors. And now want to start a community/forum to engage with our visitors and promote our business.
So the actual concept to describe the whole theory is, can we run both website and forum with digital ocean $10/month package.
Another one thing, please guide me or pass any reference/video tutorial of discourse installation on digital ocean because we don’t have any experience with discourse and at this time we do not want to spend $99 only on installation. Thank You!

(Wes Osborn) #10

To be brutally honest, if you can’t follow the github instructions, then you’ll probably want to investigate another hosting option*. Have you given the instructions a try and found they were missing a step?

The instructions are mostly cut/paste and IMHO will get you online much faster than a video tutorial. Any video tutorial might be out of date and also has the chance that you would mis-type a command rather than copying & pasting the exact command from the install instructions. If you’re unable to use the written instructions, then you’d likely run into setup issues when you attempted a more complex setup like hosting another website alongside your Discourse install.

But if you really feel that you need a video tutorial, you might try:

*In addition to the excellent hosting by the Discourse team, there are other 3rd party providers you can find by searching here on meta.

(Steven Greco) #11

In conjunction to normal discourse installation take a look at this guide on running discourse with multiple sites. I.E Wordpress.

Also the DO community is also helpful and there are some guides out there as well.

And finally this great thread by Adam.


For a $10pm DO site, I’m finding it difficult to understand what ‘reasonable # of users/posts’ and ‘large # of concurrent users’ mean.

Has a rule of thumb baseline been discussed / defined anywhere?

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Sure, if you know you will have more than 100 concurrent logged in users, you should certainly upsize to a larger Droplet right off the bat.


Ok that’s helpful thanks. In that case what would you ‘guess’ a $10 server would be suited to? 50 concurrent users?

(Jeff Atwood) #15

Anything under 50 concurrent logged in users should be quite safe on a $10 droplet, barring other unusual circumstances.