Is discourse a good fit as a support forum for a web app?


I hope this is the correct category for this message.

I was wondering if discourse is the right product for me before I commit to using it. I want to use it as a support forum for a web app, mainly as a feature requests area with voting on features. Is is possible to do the following, I’m not 100% sure after looking at the docs:

  • limit categories
  • admin ability to ‘close’ threads
  • customize the app to add up-voting on a thread for example a feature idea (if I’m using the open source or paid addon)
  • wholesale turn off some features, such as badges

Thanks for your help.

Given Discourse is itself a web app, you may like to note that meta provides exactly this support to its product ecosystem and it appears to work extremely well.

Not sure what you mean here


Take a look at:

The settings are very rich, and allow a lot of configuration, though I’ve never tried to switch off badges there is often the option to hide elements using CSS in any case.

Given it takes even a novice often less than half a day to install and configure Discourse, I’d give it a whirl on a VPS if I were you and see if you like it.


Ok, thanks, I’ll get it up and going and give it a spin in that case.

See how it goes, thanks for your answers.


Badges can be definitely switched off, there is a site setting for that.


As mentioned, we use Discourse (as do many others) for this use case. If you want to check out the features without a commitment you can sign up for a free trial on our website.