Is Discourse able to help support a collaborative movement?

(Elias Ripley) #1

Heya everyone.

I’ve been sent over here on behalf of a movement called ‘The Social Revolution Project’.

We’re in need of an alternative to the forum on our website and Discourse does seem to be the answer, unfortunately we do not have funds at this time to be able to purchase. So to put it bluntly; can Discourse offer a free licence to a non-profit organisation?

A little more:
“The Social Revolution Project is an organisation which aims to connect local people and get them to discuss issues in their area. By using democratic elements within the technology we have, we are able to organise / rank the desires of citizens, then create community collaboration events to tackle the identified problem(s) using peaceful people power.”

At the moment, we are predominately using “Facebook Groups” and their polls to facilitate this movement. We are having great success with this idea (our core team is currently planning a croundfund campaign to help a community in Marondera, Zimbabwe create a neighbourhood poultry farm,after the region raised the issue of self-sufficiency - just one example of the positive changes we are able to achieve with this model.)

Discourse could help us by providing an additional place for our “SRP Groups” to discuss problems whilst also providing an online “backup” for the work we are doing through other social media.

Thank you.

(Lisa Wess) #2

Discourse itself is 100% open source; what you’re purchasing when you [buy it is hosting] 1 The software itself is free for use.

(Elias Ripley) #3

Ahhh perfecto. Merely the messenger here. This is great news.

I will be back this evening then to try and collaborate with some codemonkeys to get it installed.

Many thanks Lisajill. <3

(Khoa Nguyen) #4

Hey. Discourse is 100% open source and free.
If you are a student, you can get your github student pack with 100$ credit of Digital Ocean for hosting Discourse.


If you have some technical folks, you can host Discourse as cheaply as $10 a month on cloud servers. You can also look into, which manages the technical bits so that you only have worry about managing the forum. The Discourse team can also install the software on a server for a one-time fee ($99). I think they’re also planning on rolling out a more affordable hosting plan for non-business customers.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Yes, see our easy 30 minute self install doc:

The only ongoing cost is $10/month for digital ocean plus a little of your time.

(Jeremy Kossen) #7

How do you like DigitalOcean? We just started hosting with them?


I’ve had good experiences with Digital Ocean so far.