Is Discourse being translated automatically?

(Tudor Vedeanu) #1

On Transifex the Romanian translation is only 3% ready. On my Discourse forum, to my surprise there is a fully-translated Romanian language pack which apparently has been automatically generated. My questions are:

  • Where this automatic translation comes from?
  • Can it be updated? A few strings are missing (for example: [ro.about.simple_title] in the hamburger menu).
  • Can it be merged with the Transifex one? The automatically-translated Romanian version doesn’t always sound very good but it’s better than nothing and I think it would be easier to update it rather than starting from scratch.

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

Looks like the translations where made without Transifex. They have been added to the repository at Github manually:

@techAPJ Can you upload those files to Transifex and maybe add @tudorv as translator?

(Tudor Vedeanu) #3

I’m already a translator on Transifex.

(Gerhard Schlager) #4

Well, then you can probably upload those files yourself.


Are you using Chrome? Because sometimes the browser will attempt translation.