Is Discourse compatible with Google Blogger paltform?

(Alex) #1

Hi Guys,

As I am new to this forum sorry if its a silly question.

I have a blog hosted at google blogger which is really popular in the software and games known as Filesmag. But i did a little vote and asked many of my members if would they like a forum for the problems and errors in the software which the blog provides which they can use to discuss it on.

My question is that will I be able to work with discourse e.g. like forum.mysite .com and does it effect my SEO? Thank you

Sorry if i have posted anything wrong

Here is my blog if needed incase:

Admin may delete if not appropriate :smile:

(Kane York) #2

I think you should be fine if you don’t want to replace the comments - don’t think that Blogger will let you do that. You will want to set the subdomain up with whoever you bought your domain name from.

(Alex) #3

hi thanks for helping

what do you mean by replacing the comments?

(Discourse.PRO) #4

Moreover, you can place Discourse forum to subdirectory like
It would be better for SEO because the forum will inherit some of the SEO metrics of your existing site.
Technically, it can be implemented by Nginx (proxy_pass all request except /forum to Google Blogger).

(Alex) #5

Thanks for the help guys going to try this soon