Is ForumCon 2015 happening?


Is/When ForumCon happening this year? Is anyone planning on going? A couple months ago, I discovered it and thought it might be something interesting to attend if it takes place in SF again. I thought they had some interesting discussion based on a video I saw on their website.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I am guessing it might not be happening.

No updates for 2015 and no information about it.

(Jeff Atwood) #3


We’re taking your favorite parts of ForumCon and turning them into a two day event featuring inspirational keynotes, panels, and forum specific expert lead workshops. TEC Summit will still bring the best speakers and topics for forum owners and community managers, but it will also deliver a broader group of influential publishers to bring even more value and learning. We listened to your feedback from last year and we know you not only have your community platforms to think about, but you also have other content avenues to work with and make successful to build your online presence and business strategies. Both days will be full of organic and facilitated networking opportunities where we will link you not only to your peer-publishers, but also the advertisers and brands your community engages with.


Interesting. Thanks for looking out. :slight_smile: