Is https an important thing for discourse website?

(xiaosube) #1

My discourse community is on http, is it important to have a https domain for discourse website? how to get a https url if it is important?

(Vinoth Kannan) #2

I don’t have answer for this.

But discourse installation is easily manageable on https using Letsencrypt for free. So why shouldn’t use it?

In general https enabled websites are far better than http sites in many aspects.

(Mitchell Krog) #3

It’s so simple to setup and free. Almost every site is turning to https so at some point you will have to, so just get your head around it now and move to SSL for good.

(xiaosube) #4

I just figured out, I am using, they only offer SSL at 40$ package. It seems I have to wait or go for 5$ package with

If anyone knows a free way to get SSL while I am not having root access, please tell me,

(Aryo) #6

I think so.

Well for me, at least users don’t get warning in their browser saying that your website is not safe. :smile:

(Mitchell Krog) #7

Yip and soon all new browsers will start giving people that nice scary message “Not Secure”


It’s depends your community.
It’s about e-commerce? Money transactions? Host personal data such credit cards?

If not, I do not think so (that you must have https).

(Michael - #9

We believe http is almost dead and thus we are working on enabling LetsEncrypt SSL for all plans at DiscourseHosting for no extra cost, so if you can be patient for a few weeks, everything will sort itself out :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile, you can get free SSL with - the connection between Cloudflare and our hosting will not be encrypted but at least you will get rid of the browser warnings.

(Martial) #10

bad bad really bad !

The fact that people tend to enter the same password on every services (discourse, facebook, gmail etc) is already critical enough to setup HTTPS ! Secure communication is not all about money but privacity :wink:

(ljpp) #11

HTTPS should/might have a positive impact on Google rank, and vice versa.

(xiaosube) #15

Good news Michael, thank you very much

(Kai Liu) #19

HTTPS is important for any website…