Is it possibile to import existing wordpress comments along with post into Discourse?

(Jonathan Hu) #1

I know how to setup wp-discourse and love the integration between WordPress and Discourse, however, this plugin is limited to only new wordpress posts.

Is there any way to batch update existing blog post and create mirror discussion link between discourse and wordpress ? As well as import existing wordpress comments into the corresponding discourse post as replies ?

Thanks !

(Sam Saffron) #2

There is no such functionality built in to the plugin. Nor do we plan to build anything like it. If you feel like contributing in this department it would be more than welcome.

Any tips on setting up the WordPress plugin on an existing blog with existing comments?
(Jonathan Hu) #3

Thanks for the quick respond ! What’s the rational behind on such decision ?

It seems to be a common use case for those who decide to choose integrate discourse on top of existing wordpress as a discussion solution.

(Sam Saffron) #4

It would take a lot of time and be very very complicated to build right


I agree with Sam in some cases for larger posts it could get insane because you would have to bulk load your update so your discourse hits match order.

Plus you would have a ton of discourse entires clumped together in time, what would be the purpose of that? I can see what you want from a posterity point of view, but for a current user base that would be confusing.

Basically nothing would get good discussion treatment as it rolls off quietly into the past off making way for current relevant topical stuff.



I understand the rationale about the complications of moving huge numbers of comments from Wordpress, however - in my case, I’m a bit stuck.

I’m currently testing my existing site with a Discourse instance. It works great for new posts. No problems.

But I have lots of old posts that regularly get commented on. These are useful, value adding comments, not spam or any old nonsense.

I don’t want to just switch off comments, or keep Disqus running for the old posts. This would devalue the site and the community.

So what do you suggest I do?

I noticed that your partner Boing Boing have transferred all of their old Wordpress comments into Discourse. 2011 Japan Tsunami video / Boing Boing

How can I do something similar for my Wordpress site?

Many thanks in advance.

(Khoa Nguyen) #7

Discourse can import Disqus comment (the code í old but still work, or at least you have something to base on). Wordpress can easily sync with Disqus (via plugin). You got my point right?