Is it possible for people in a group, in a group-specific category, to still post anonymously?

(Charlene Barina) #1

We want to create a private discussion area for a work project, and while many times we’ll be asking them to post as themselves, there are times when we want them to post anonymously, such that their posts can be read by others who have access to that category/group, but no one outside. I tried masquerading as anonymous, and it made it not possible for me to access a category with a specified group. Is there some other way to accomplish this?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Hmm, wouldn’t posting in that category reveal who you are to some degree? How many people have access?

(Charlene Barina) #3

Yes, it does reveal they’re part of that group, but we’re sometimes asking for anonymous feedback amongst the group so if they’re frustrated with something, and worried about repercussions, or how their peers see them (e.g., I have no idea how to use HTML, and this is making this project really tough) they will be more honest. We could do the same with a survey, I suppose, but it’d have to link off-site, and then we don’t have that peer interaction piece.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Unfortunately I can’t think of any workaround; anonymous users have the base level of access by design, and this would take a lot of work to change. Can the question be restructured so that it doesn’t require secure category access to answer?

(Charlene Barina) #5

Hmm…we’ll keep pondering it. Maybe we can figure something out. Thanks for replying so quickly!