Is it possible for Users to change the font size of text in the topic they create?


So I see that there is

Heading ‘H’

Are there any options for the User to change the fonts-size when they make a post?

Some message boards and wysiwyg text editors allow this. You can apply a font size to portions of the text in your posts.


Discourse takes use of markdown you can change headers etc by using it. Each # before the text is h1 h2 etc.

###header3 etc


Got it. It might be nice to just have a [Font Size] dropdown as it would be more intuitive to the average user.


For that really you would need a wysiwyg editor and there is no plans for that to be added as per this topic below. Been quite a few topics on it.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

If you wanted, you could whitelist the HTML font size attribute, and add a new icon to the composer as a plugin.

You may find some guidance here: