Is it possible to add other like buttons?


Hi, I’m very new to Discourse. I have very little coding experience, so have so many questions. I will start with this question. Is it possible to add other “like” buttons. One forum I go to has a Hug and a Thank button and they are very useful to have and add variety.

(cpradio) #2

You want the retort plugin


Its not quite what Im looking for, I think. It has to be like a “like” button that also records who clicked it. It may indeed be a plugin though…

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It does record who clicks… but it doesn’t limit you to the heart, you can choose any emoji. There is a task for the future to allow admins to limit which emojis can be selected.

It is very similar to Slack’s reactions, GitHub’s reactions, and the new Facebook selections.


Thanks. For some reason what I saw was not like that, but just like typing emoticons. But if it is just like FBs reactions then yes that will be what we want. Thank you for your help.

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No, it is not like typing emoticons, it adds a button to the post menu, next to the heart or somewhere in that row, when clicked, you choose the reaction you want to associate to the post.


Im sorry what I was saying was the picture in the link showed a box full of emoticons and someone clicking on it. That did not look like how you described. That is all. I acknowledged that if what you said about it being like FB reactions then that was what I was after. I also thanked you for your help.

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Yeah, I think if you watch that plugin, you’ll see it eventually become more and more like the Facebook style. It just isn’t fully there as of yet. One thing making it not there is the inability to set a specific list of emojis that can be used, but I know that is on the “to do list”.