Is it possible to automatically noindex each new Discourse topic page created from a WP post?

(Holden) #1

The title says it all. I’m worried we might end up with too many pages with thin content and get in trouble with the big G (panda content issues).

Another idea. How about the following options?

  • [checkbox] Noindex new Discourse topic pages [checkbox] Remove
  • [checkbox] Noindex after this number of replies [field]

That way, if a page becomes active, the noindex can be removed.

Am I concerned about this unnecessarily? I’m in the process of setting up my first blog and community so I don’t have much experience. I do, however, have experience with Google penalties so I want to be cautious (damn Google!).

(Holden) #2

I guess this could just as well apply to regular topics that never gain traction or only require a quick answer…

(Kane York) #3

You could also set it up so that Discourse has just an excerpt and a link, or an excerpt and a Show Full Post button, which would solve your concerns.