Is it possible to change the creation date of topics as admin so can order topics chronologically?

Is it possible to change the creation date of topics as admin?

The reason I ask this is that create date is one of the criteria you can sort topics by and I am thinking I could use create date as a workaround for not being able to sort my topics in chron order.

From a perusal of posts, it looks like there is a niche demand for sorting in chron order of some sort for categories that don’t fit the traditional discussion topics formula where a search for key words works best. Specialty forums that cater to a particular niche, for example, might want to post resource/wiki type categories that provide useful information for their members that aren’t necessarily discussed but just gone to for information as part of the services they uniquely provide. Often such resources can be sorted in chron order and members are used to that in other settings. It could be date-sorted topics for archived videos of local council meetings (my case) or user manuals for model cars. That sort of thing.

I am considering making a feature request for this.

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Yes, topic admin wrench on the right, then Change timestamp.


Woohoo. Thanks so much! I’ll change the topic header to include chron ordering so others can find this in a search and use this as a workaround for chron ordering topics.

Ok an update. I am bummed to find out that my solution won’t work. Replies change the created date and even if I lock topics from being replied to the act of watching videos in each topic will change the sort order. Thanks, @hawk.

Unlike the debunked create date method above, this linked index method works to sort in any chron order you want in a category or subcategory. @joebuhlig also uses this method.

I’d add that you can make the topics linked to in chron order in the index “unlisted” so that they are only accessed by members through the index, making for a tidy and simple UI in that resource category for members.

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