Is it possible to decline a user?

(Tony Meyer) #1

In a Discourse setup where must_approve_users is set, is it possible to decline a user? I have a user that hasn’t been approved (that I can’t delete because it was created >14 days ago) but I don’t want to approve. I don’t see any option for this on that user’s page.

(I don’t overly care about the user sitting there, but the daily email reminding me about it is annoying. And it would be cleaner to just decline/delete it).

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Have we thought about this @Neil? Do you remember how they handle it at Ruby Rogues Parley @sam?

(Neil Lalonde) #3

When rejecting a user who has been sitting in the queue for over 14 days, there are a couple options:

  • Increase the delete_user_max_age site setting to a large enough value so that the user can be deleted.
  • Suspend the user. Suspended users don’t show in the approval queue.

(Tony Meyer) #4

So that would indicate that the ‘proper’ way to handle this is to just be more prompt about it, and delete them within that window? (I normally would have been quicker, but Christmas and all that).

This doesn’t seem a good solution, given that it’s time-limited.

(Kane York) #5

I think that I’d prefer, placing myself in the eyes of a site operator, a button at the queue to do either a clean or dirty ‘delete’ of the user. (“Dirty delete” meaning a one-button suspend for a very long time, which you said would remove them from the queue.)