Is it possible to enforce or edit in a 'topic featured link' if somebody forgets to do it themselves?

I’ve not used this feature before but I think I may have a use for it. Is it possible to force this per category, or, if they forget, manually edit in afterwards? (I tried but it doesn’t seem to work).

The feature I am referring to is:

topic featured link enabled - Enable posting a link with topics.

I posted a link in the topic itself but with a normal title (so wasn’t shown as a featured link) then edited the link into the title, but it does not ‘feature’ it. I’d like to create a section where all titles must be links…

No, there is no way to force this at the current time. You can remove a link that was inappropriately added, though.


Do you think it would be beneficial if we can edit them in too? (I can’t see why being able to do so would be an issue.)