Is it possible to have discourse sort by anything other than recent Activity on the main feed

(jon) #1

I have watched the progression of this app and it looks really slick (well, it always has). One question is whether you can sort via something other than activity? Even possiblly writing custom code for it. I just got out of a meeting where having a custom sort (like number of people who have favorited in the past 6 hours) was proposed. If not currently supported, would it be possible to write a custom plugin or monkeypatch that call?

(Wes Osborn) #2


In admin you have the following option for the top menu:

Determine which items appear in the homepage navigation, and in what order. Example latest|new|unread|categories|top|read|posted|bookmarks

For definitions of these options, you can see this post:

Or hover over the top menu that is present on the meta site to see tooltip definitions.

(jon) #3

thx - so that makes sense but I’m still a bit unsure. But I’m not seeing how I would set this up as a default. For example, using meta, I would want the default sort to be: Discourse Meta but it seems like I can only set it to /top and then have the user manually select today.

I guess the specific feature that was asked for was the default sort being “the number of people who have liked it today” and then a page where a user could go back incrementally and see “the number of people who have liked a particular post on that day”. Honestly, a bit reddit-ish but more straightforward for the end-user.


(cpradio) #4

If you are on latest, this is available

In Admin Settings, search for top page