Is it possible to have more than one owner of a post?


(Kimberly Lantis) #1

I would like to allow more than one user the ability to edit a post/topic but am not seeing how to do so?

I know that setting the post to a wiki allows for everyone to edit the topic but I don’t want for everyone to be able to…

I want to limit who, but allow the owner to be more than one person. Is group ownership possible?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Group ownership is not possible at this time, no. Either it is wiki, or it can be edited by the owner and staff (and trust level 4 users).

(Kimberly Lantis) #3

Thank you for your quick reply. :slight_smile: Is group ownership in the works or on the radar, by chance? (Give me some hope, man! :wink: )

(Christoph) #4

Depending on your use case, you could work with wikis in a restricted category, i.e. make the category editable for a certain group only. But replies would underly the same restrictions.
[Sorry about the edits. I was not thinking clearly. :dizzy_face:]

(Kimberly Lantis) #5

I created the Internal Systems group, restricted the category and then switched one of the category topics to a wiki. I then impersonated a user who is not an admin or part of the group and I was still able to edit the wiki topic… :frowning:

Did I miss a step?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Everyone can see is a problem. You need to remove that or the category is not really restricted.

(Kimberly Lantis) #7

Doesn’t that then defeat the purpose? I want for all users to be able to see the information, but only a few to be able to edit the information.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

I guess technically that could be considered a bug. If you can see the wiki, but it is in a category that does not allow “reply”, is that sufficient for blocking the wiki edit? cc @eviltrout

We cover reply but we don’t say “edit”, since 99.9% of the time you can’t edit anyone’s post.

Perhaps this should be implemented as a failsafe check on the edit pencil? That way we can avoid any performance cost of checking this permission all the time on display.

(Robin Ward) #9

There should be no performance issue since it’s only checked for wiki posts, and we already do that check in other places on the request to show the reply button anyway:

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Nice, we got a good fix out of this thanks for pushing @Kimberly_Lantis!

(David Taylor) #11

Does this also apply to closed topics?

For example, in a knowledgebase type scenario, a thread might be closed, but my expectation is that the OP can still be edited by everyone

(Robin Ward) #12

I believe you would not be able to edit the OP in a closed topic.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #13

Hmm…that’s not good. On one of the sites I’ve setup we have closed topics with a single post as a wiki. Is there any way the fix could check the user against the current category security settings? This “fix” will break an entire category for me otherwise!

(Jeff Atwood) #14

Have you tested this or are you guessing? I would test this theory first.

First mention badge granted for user when another user edits a wiki post
(Joshua Rosenfeld) #15

I can test on my dev in a few…

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #16

Tested, it would appear that a TL1 user can edit a wiki OP in a closed topic.