Is it possible to increase speed of asset compiling?

(Brendan) #1

Wondering if it’s possible to arbitrarily increase the number of cores/threads used for rake assets:precompile to speed it up? My VPS gives me access to 16 cores, so I’d like to use more than one.

I monitored the ruby process when that task runs and it will max out a single core, but I figured if it might be able to run on two or three (or eight) at once then it would speed up compile time greatly.

I’m not a ruby guy so I don’t really know the right question to ask… it doesn’t seem to be similar to make -j#, where # is ~1.5x the number of cores you want to use.

(Theron Boerner) #2

This may help multiple threads to compile assets? · Issue #308 · sstephenson/sprockets · GitHub

(Brendan) #3

Any insight into how to implement this? Like I said, I’m not very familiar with how ruby gems work or how I’d use it?

I guess what I’m asking is, after I…

gem install sprockets-derailleur

What do I do? It’s not clear even from the last post on that thread (to me, anyway).