Is it possible to insert a picture (icon) into the text content?

(Blu McCormick) #1

Is it possible to insert a picture (icon) into the text content in settings–>customize–>text content?

If so, can I insert an icon uploaded to forum administrators assets or absent that, use a “fa-” font awesome icon?

Thanks in advance.

(Blu McCormick) #2

Just bumping this up to see if anyone knows the answer before I try a different approach to what I am doing with badges. If bumping isn’t OK moderators, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

(Michael Howell) #3

It actually… kinda depends.

If the text gets inserted into a post, like the “narrative bot” ones are, then you can use any normal emoji or markdown.

Otherwise, you can’t.

(Blu McCormick) #4

Cool. Thanks, Michael. I am going to see if I can embed font awesome as markdown.

No luck.

(Michael Howell) #5

The Markdown-Monster extension isn’t standard markdown, and it’s not supported by Discourse. If it’s going to work, them you need to use syntax like this: :smiley:

(Mittineague) #6

The lower range of unicode entity codepoints work fairly well. eg. 🚓 may appear as a police car or a “square box” depending on a browsers support :police_car: