Is it possible to report mods?

(Parham Bahrami) #1

Title says it all.

The mods on a certain site that is powered by Discourse are not doing their jobs properly which led me to leave the site. Is it possible to file a complaint to the mods? They didn’t help me with my problems on the site one bit so I asked them to ban me (believe it or not they did that but they didn’t help me with my other problems). Now that I can’t be hated on anymore, is it possible for me to report them?

(Mittineague) #2

If you’ve had your account Suspended I don’t think you’ll be able to Message any of the Staff members.

And I doubt if contacting the Moderators will do much good, but maybe, depending.

I would think the site would have a contact email address for the site Admin(s).

I think that would be the best bet for pleading your case.

Not that doing so is guaranteed to to get you any more then the opportunity to vent, but I guess you could try.

(Parham Bahrami) #3

Well, I could use the urgent matter email:

But I’m not sure if this is the appropriate one to use.

(Daniela) #4

Well, imho the best way to report mods is talk via PM with admins before you asked the ban.
By the way, I do not want to stay on forums where admins do not supervise the work of the mods.

e.g. for our internal rules all bans are discussed between admins and mods before (except spammers and trolls).

(Parham Bahrami) #5

I made another account to talk to them about it. They did not respond, but they deleted my alternate account and gave me an IP ban. I want to report them because this is unacceptable behaviour for MODS THAT WERE CHOSEN BY THE DEVELOPERS OF THE GAME THEMSELVES.

(Daniela) #6

Well, a second account violates the rules of most forums especially if you are banned.
Try to email the admins or the founder and talk to him/her about the behavior of the mods.

If admin/founder agreed with mod maybe you’re wrong.

(Fábio Machado De Oliveira) #7

As a user of dynamic IPs from my provider, I resent the existence of IP permanent bans.

(Parham Bahrami) #8

Do you know what email it is to contact the Evolve forums admins?

(Parham Bahrami) #9

Thanks for the help @Trash @Mittineague. I have sent TRS an email and I hope it can be answered soon. This can be closed now.

(Jeff Atwood) #10