Is it possible to restrict users to choose given avatars/profile pic and restrict uploading?

(Maahi) #1

Hi Team,

I would like to ask, is it possible to restrict users to choose among the avatars/profile pic which is defined by the admin in the forum. ?

The idea is to restrict users from using any external avatar/profile pic even if they sign in by google or FB…

Your help is much appreciated…

Kind regards,


(Sam) #2

Go to admin/settings and search for ‘avatar’. You can uncheck the allow uploaded avatars option there.

(Maahi) #3

Thanks for you fast response… will it also prevent google/fb avatars ?

(Sam) #4

Unless I’ve missed something Discourse doesn’t ever pull in google/FB avatars, so you’re fine.

You would also want to disable the ‘Gravatar’ option which you can find in the same method as above, though.